panorama_tucepi Tučepi is a small coastal town with 1900 inhabitants, a famous tourist destination located 3 km southeast of Makarska. Although the present name of Tučepi was first mentioned in 1434, the pleasant climate, fertile soil and springs of drinking water are the reasons for almost four thousand years long history of the town. However, only few residents in the past lived along the coast. tucepi_slika1 Most people of Tučepi lived in villages at the foot of the mountain Biokovo. The population on the fertile slopes of Biokovo engaged in agriculture, mainly olive oil and wine. The modern tourist destination of Tučepi emerged only in the period after the Second World War. tucepi_villaboric1 karta

From the cultural offer of Tučepi we emphasize three major events. The "Tučepi Summer Evenings" cover entertainment and cultural events, and every year they start with the folk festival on June 13, on the feast of St. Anthony, the patron of Tučepi.

This brief review of the history of viticulture and winemaking of Dalmatia serves to acquaint you with the wine treasures of this beautiful region where one magical story of the wine industry in Croatia started!

The Borić family has been producing olive oil for generations. Pave Borić proudly continues the family tradition.

Gastronomy is a word that was created from the Greek word Gaster (stomach) and nomos (rule, order). It indicates the skill of preparing food and the culture of recommendations or choosing meals.