Olive oil




The Borić family has been producing olive oil for generations. Pave Borić proudly continues the family tradition. However, in addition to improving the maintenance of olive groves and the adoption of modern technologies in the processing of olives, Pave Borić is also the holder of numerous awards for the quality of the family’s extra virgin olive oil.

The oil of the Borić family has won multiple awards at international event of Mediterranean olive-growers, “Olive-Split”, and “Days of young olive oil” in Vodice. Extra virgin olive oil is oil of superior quality that with its richness of taste and smell provides a complete pleasure of top quality homemade taste.

It is obtained by cold pressing freshly picked olives. Since it is pressed only once, it is cleaner and “untouched” and therefore called virgin. Extra virgin olive oil has acidity up to 0.8% and is rated as the richest oil by aroma and biologically valuable substances.

The award-winning oils of the Borić family are made by processing olives from the olive grove Dračevac along the same-named beach at the crossroads of Tučepi and Podgora and with olive grove Matkovac and Sveti Roko in Podgora. During the tourist season, Villa Borić organizes tastings of olive oil where you have the opportunity to taste and buy oils.

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